Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Update. Assorted Pictures. Letters.

Here's a brief update so you know what we have been/are up to and where you might remember us in prayer:
- We just completed two days of workshops with the CRC SL staff in Kabala on the topics of Being Reformed, Reformed Worship, Baptism, Communion and a practical workshop on Writing. I led the sessions on Baptism and Reformed Worship.
- We are taking this 'show' on the road. We will be travelling to Bo, the second-largest city in Sierra Leone, which is about 6 hours by motorcar. We (John Phiri, Ezekiel Sudu, Zach Adams and I) travel on Thursday and return Sunday. I suspect I'll be preaching on Sunday. Ella and kids will remain in Kabala. You won't see anything on the blog until sometime next week.
- It rained last night for the first time since we've been in Sierra Leone. A nice, refreshing thunder shower. The kids enjoyed running around, jumping in puddles and having a warm shower. It is certainly warmer here than when we first arrived. We notice it the most in the evenings and at night as we try to fall asleep whilst perspiring.
- We are all relatively healthy right now: Thanks be to God!
- The kids haven't been in classes the past two weeks, as it has been revision and exam weeks, which can be fairly slow-moving, especially from a North American perspective. They've been doing some work at home and helping Ella organize the library. They've also been writing tourist guides to Sierra Leone, which I hope we can post some pictures of here.
- Today marks the midpoint of our stay in Kabala.
- Because of the speed of the internet (as Jacob succinctly put it, "horrible"), Maria, Jacob and Naomi are unable to access their email accounts (they often fail to load completely) and class blogs, so they have had limited communication with friends in this fashion. But below are some notes to neighbours/friends from Maria and Naomi.

Kabala School Sports Day.  CRC school is next week Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Yes, it's a big deal!

Just a little fire behind our house.  Right behind our house.

Friends of ours (the Hill family, working with Missionary Church of Africa) had a pet monkey.  They have two boys and a girl who are similar ages to our children. 

Name that flower.  And is it indiginous to Sierra Leone?

(From Naomi)

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  1. hello ringma family! just a quick note from the victoria crc letting you know we keep you in our thoughts. it's lovely to be able to read about your experiences & hear how the lord is moving. we hope all will continue to go well in the second half of your stay. our prayers are with you.