Saturday, March 10, 2012

From Frenetic Freetown to R&R @ River #2

Downtown scene in Freetown.
Market.  That's Mayonaise in the jars ...

"Swamps" (gardens) right in the middle of Freetown with garbage dumps nearby.  Children are sifting through both.

They even support BC hockey in Freetown, Ryan Roseboom.

Now showing at the Terrace-Not-Paris film festival ... 

If you were ever wondering how to support a concrete structure under construction in Freetown, here's lesson #1.

You can spot mangoes, melons, bananas and pineapples ... if you look closely.

The "Bandstra Tranportation Systems" of Sierra Leone.  I would pay to see more "Bandstras" pushing their trucks with bare feet.
Here's a [Insert-Latin-name-here-to-impress-inlaws-and-insure-I'm-in-the-will] tree.

After meeting with Dr. Jo Kuyvenhoven (Calvin College, working in SL with, amongst other organizations, CRC School in Kabala) for breakfast, we quickly changed our plans to come to River Number 2.  We were happy we did!
Maria was happy we came.
Jacob was happy we came.

Naomi was happy we came.

There are, apparently, usually plenty of people here on the weekend.  We saw very few people.  (If it weren't for the sun, temperature, miles of sand, sunscreen, warm water, big waves and a few other details, we would have thought we were on a quiet beach near Prince Rupert.)

We visited Dr. Jo and her daughter, Jessica, at their place near River No. 2.  It was incredible!

Not a bad view from the porch ...


Excellent body surfing.

Zach Adams, making a pertinent point.

We hope to return ...

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