Monday, March 19, 2012

Jacob's Class Letter.

Here is Jacob's letter to his class.  The pictures will, again, best be viewed as a slideshow.  The subject matter overlaps with Maria to a certain degree ...

Dear: class
How are you? I am going to tell you some Krio I say and what people respond.
(I say) kushe (hi)
(person says back) how de body (how are you)
(me) tell God tanky (really good or awesome)
(me) lef me (leave me alone)
(Me) go clam stick (go climb the tree)
(person says back) you first go clam stick(you climb the tree first)
On March 12, 2012 out of the blue our Paddy (friend) yells CHAMELEON !!
And points to the tree by the vehicle we use often.We all go closer to the tree and sure
enough there it was although we could only see the green tail.
I ran inside to my mom and told her there was a chameleon outside and to take photos.
We saw It change color. It climbs so slow and has three claws it uses to grab onto
leaves and branches.

Today is March 14, 2012.
My mom made a solar cooker.

Sorry I can not contact you much. It's because we have horrible internet access.
It takes hours here to do something it takes 15 minutes to do were you are.

From: Jacob Nicholas Ringma
P.s. What are you doing in art class (explain how to do it)

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