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Vision:  I can see clearly now ...
 This week, February 13-17, representatives from the CRC in SL met in Kabala for Strategic Planning, under the able direction of David Tyokighir of Nigeria (who also facilitated last April's first-ever strategic planning). This group gathered at length each day - from 9 AM to 6 PM - to establish goals, strategies and objectives for participating in God's advancing Kingdom in Sierra Leone. Joined by observing stakeholders from CRWM and CRWRC, the church worked to establish a framework for the healthy, interdependent emergence of the denomination. 
Group work designed to give structure to CES within CRC SL.

The meeting room on the ground floor of the CES/CRC SL offices.  Approximately 35 participants gathered each day.
Each day began with devotions and I had the opportunity to lead devotions on Wednesday morning. In Canada, it might be called preaching ... (we spent at least 45 minutes each day). The large group was regularly broken down into various smaller groups in order to allow the formation of tangible plans, which were then presented to the larger group. Vision and Mission statements for CRC SL and CES were presented, editted, rejected, refined and, eventually, adopted.

The group also broke bread (ate rice) together, including morning tea.

Nigerian facilitator David Tyokighir, CRC SL pastor Gabriel Mattia from Bo and CRC Kabala Junior Senior Secondary School teacher Mark Marah.
 While the meetings were long, I was thankful for them and the opportunity to start and grow relationships with many leaders in the CRC SL.  Maybe the greatest growth was in the area of goal/strategy/objective writing by the various groups from the beginning of the week to the end.  I couldn't help but think that if churches in North America would engage similar planning we would be better for it.  In fact, some of the greatest benefit of strategic planning might be the ability to make plans, set goals and learn how to measure whether or not one is moving towards them. 

CRWM's Ron Geerlings lends a listening ear to CRCSL's Rev. John Phiri.

In our meetings, there was significant encouragement to ensure that this strategic plan becomes living word in the church - not a dry, dusty document, which is left on a shelf somewhere.
Thank God for the Living Word who gives life to His church - and we pray that he continues to breath life into the Body.

Front Row:  John Phiri, Maibok Marah, Benjamin Koroma, Lansana Jawara, Lamin Kamara , Morris Sonie, Sheku Marah, David Tyokighir
Middle Row:  MB Jalloh, Andrew Karah, Elisha Gomeh, Kumba Sesay, Musu Marah, Mariama Charlie, Joseph Jawara, Edison Kamara, Ezekiel Sudu, Sheku Jalloh, Mark Marah,
Back Row:  Daniel Sawanie, Zach Adams, John Mansaray, Ron Geerlings, Foray Marah,  Daniel Koroma, Gabriel Mattia, Jonah Lisa, Joel Hogan, Joel Ringma, John Karifa Jalloh, Alhasan Bangura, Rosetta Sesay, Wyva Hasselblad, Amarah Fefegura
(My apologies for any misspellings)

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