Friday, February 10, 2012

Maria's "Journey" Assignment for Grade 6 at CCS

Hi guys,
I miss you all lots, but right now I am going to tell you about my Journey.  So here is how it started:  I woke up on Sunday, January 1st, 2012.  After getting dressed I ran upstairs to help bring all 10, yes 10, suitcases outside. 

We ate some food (chop, as they call it here), and went to the Struyks to pick up Anita.  When we got to the airport we brought in all of our bags and waited.  When we were waiting, Al Peck showed up and so did Clarence Braam. 

My dad (otherwise known as ‘Mister Joel’) tried to take a battery pack on the plane but he wasn’t allowed so we gave it to Al to take home to his house.
When we got to Vancouver my Uncle John, Uncle Henk, and Aunty Charlene came to pick us up from the airport.  We stayed in the Vancouver area for about 5 days, then we went back to the airport to get on the flight to go to London.  We took the night flight so we were supposed to sleep on the plane, but that was hard.  When we got to London, it was light out and we flew right over top of the London Bridge.  We were going to be late for our flight to Freetown but when we got the to the BMI (British Midland International) ticket desk the flight was delayed by 2 hours. 
They felt bad so they gave us a voucher to go buy something to eat.  We got pizza and cold milk.  It was so good (that is the last time I’ve had pizza in a long time)  When the two hours was up we went back to the ticket desk and they told us the flight had been delayed another two hours.
When we finally got to Freetown, Zach and Belali were waiting for us.  We had to take a ferry to get to the actual city of Freetown.  When it was time to get off it was quite interesting.  There was honking and beeping as everyone on the ferry tried to get off.  You had to turn you vehicle all the way around because there is only one entrance to get in and to get out.
The next day was sooooooooooo very much super hot. We went to the supermarket to get some groceries and the store was air conditioned!  But that turned out to be a bad thing for Naomi and I.  We got heat stroke and when we went into the cool air we started puking.  A lady that worked at the store ran out after us with two water bottles, one for me and one for Naomi.  That helped a lot!
When we were on the road there was so much to see and do and eat!  We stopped at a home for the disabled so that Zach could get his two shirts that he had left there.  And when he returned he brought with him oranges!  They eat the best way ever here!  You either bite or cut the top off the orange, then you suck out all the juice.  when a pit (seed) gets in your mouth, you just simply spit it out of the window.
If you are wondering what it looks like, there are palm trees all over.  It is very dusty and hot.  There are fires burning all the time so it is very, very smoky.  There is garbage all over the place: left, right, up, down.  It’s just everywhere.

School here is quite different from school there.  I am in JSS I (grade 7), Naomi is in class 2 (grade 2), Jacob is in class 5 (grade 5). 

We have lots of neighbour kids that are like always at our house.

Well, good-bye for now.  See you in June!
Maria Grace Ringma

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  1. So lovely to read your story and see your pictures Maria. We miss you a lot and love to see how your life is there in Kabala, it helps us feel like you are not really so far away.
    Ariane (and of course ... Hanna and Lucas)